We’re going to prove that modular is faster with our own, Race to 180. We’re going to build a brand new, 42-unit apartment complex with garages within 180 days; start to finish. What’s magical about 180? 180 is the number of days a real estate investor has to complete a 1031 Exchange. Six months sounds like a long time, but when you’re doing a 1031 exchange, it goes really fast! Until now, it’s been almost impossible to 1031 exchange into a brand-new building. That’s because a new building can’t be completed this fast with stick build construction, the old-fashioned way. Modular construction is the only way to build it so quickly. While the entire building is being built in our factory, the site construction work is being completed, such as the underground utilities, foundation, and asphalt parking lot. Doing it the old-fashioned way, means that all the site work has to be completed before the building can be erected. Not with modular construction! With modular, those two items are being completed simultaneously! After the foundation is complete, the modular boxes are shipped to the site and in about a week, there will be a fully standing building with the rooms already 100% complete.

Race To 180