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We have the ability and capacity to immediately manufacture hospital/isolation rooms, including nurses’ stations, to allow for 1,000-room temporary hospitals to be in operation within weeks. 



Our team is responding around the clock. 

Common  Questions

How fast are critical care rooms manufactured?

Once an order has been received, we begin the process in the most efficient manufacturing facility. We believe we can produce 1 modular unit every 1.5 hours. 

How far can we transport these modular rooms?

There is no limit to the distance these hospital and critical care rooms can travel inside the continental United States. They can begin shipping to the Hospital Location within minutes of completion in our factory. 

Is there only one room type?

The architechture teams have designed 11 different room types to meet the needs of a working hospital. The production team is manufacturing the different rooms efficiently and shipping them completely finished and furnished.

Room Types: 

Patient Isolation Room
ADA Patient Isolation Room 
Nurse Station 
Emergency Rooms 
Waiting Room 
Triage Rooms
Locker Rooms


Do you have other options?

Yes. The 5x 6 or 7-module isolation room offers controlled space and can be moved into a convention center or otherwise roofed facility. 

See Convention Center Plans

Is this a one story footprint?

The modular units can be "stacked" three stories high. 

Can these units be moved and reused?

They will be able to be moved by a professional mover and used again in a new location. 

Why can't we just use vacant hotels and other buildings?

At first, this seems like a fast solution, but there are several factors that make this an unviable option. 

  1. Hotel rooms are not set up to manage air flow or provide negative air pressure which is used to reduce the spread of airborn contaminents. 
  2. Walls, floors, and other surfaces are not able to be correctly sanitized due to materials. 
  3. The facilities aren't ready to handle medical rated electrical devices. 
  4. The facilities would have to be retrofitted for med gas needs which is costly and time consuming.

There are other factors like hallway size, door size, elevator size that cannot handle a hospital bed. 


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